Health energy watch

The health energy watch is a collective product of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It combines homeopathic therapy with traditional Chinese medicine meridian therapy with the world’s top quantum energy and magnetic energy technology. It is a milestone in the history of medical care. Scientists have experimented and observed that the magnetic field effect is healthy. The so-called magnetic field effect is the biological effect caused by the magnetic field acting on the human body. To sum up, there are the following aspects:

1/ Promote cell metabolism, activate cells, and accelerate the excretion of intracellular waste and harmful substances.

2/ Balance the endocrine system.

Promotes blood circulation and improves microcirculation.

3/ Promote the regression of inflammation and eliminate inflammation swelling and pain.

4/ Two-way adjustment of blood pressure, especially to reduce high blood pressure.

5/ Increase the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells and reduce blood viscosity.

6/ Enhance and improve the body’s immune function and improve the body’s resistance to disease.

7/ has an anti-aging effect, eliminating free radicals accumulated in the body.

8- Improve blood lipid metabolism and lower cholesterol.

9/Relieve fatigue and promote physical recovery.

10/Sedation, eliminate insomnia and nervousness

★ Quantum can resonate and conduct with the magnetic energy waves of human cells. Like ultrasonic cleaning, it oscillates and removes the toxic scale of cells, corrects cells with chaotic magnetic field fluctuations, repairs damaged cells, replenishes cellular energy, and improves human vitality. The homeopathic medicine used in quantum medicine has a significant difference with traditional medicine. It uses the energy wave to stimulate the self-healing system of the human body and the self-repair function of the body to achieve rapid, safe, natural and gentle radical disease and reverse aging. So it does not hurt the human body!

★Five plateau volcanic magnets with special magnetotherapy effect are embedded on the surface by using acupoint therapy of traditional Chinese medicine and resonance method of biomagnetotherapy as stimulating source. Six acupoints, Neiguan, Waiguan, Taiyuan, Shenmen, Liexiao and Yangchi, are resonated by magnetic field to protect heart and protect heart, reduce blood pressure and lipid. Quantum medicine is used because quantum is a kind of microparticles with non-continuous motion energy waves, which have two characteristics, namely “microparticle characteristics” and “high frequency energy wave characteristics”!

Note: 1. Do not wear this product with an implantable cardiac pacemaker!

2. Keep away from home appliances when you don’t wear them!

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