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Getting up to 50% back on anything you buy!!!

How does it work?


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Add products to your carts and complete your purchase online.

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Get Entered in the Draw

Once your purchase is complete, you will be automatically entered into a draw.

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Receive up to 50% Off

After the draw you will receive an email about your credit. Which can be any up to 50% of your order.

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All products qualify. No exception whatsoever. 

It is a pretty easy process. All you have to do is to complete your purchase, leave the rest to us. You will be automatically entered in the draw to win your money back up to 50% of your order total. In rare cases you will receive a special code and a link to participate in the draw.  

We have structured our draw such that up to 90% of all customers in the draw will receive some form of money back. Other rewards are 5% money back, 10% money back and 20% money back. 

Our draw is typically done every quarter or semi-annually depending on the number of participants during each period.  

If you complete more than one purchase/ order before the draw is done, each complete order will be entered separately.  Therefore the winnings can only be linked to that particular order number.

Jsobs strives for the best, however since we are human mistakes may happen. The refund/return process is instituted to ensure that both customers and seller are satisfied on a purchase. That being said we cannot do away with our refund process.

Therefore, unfortunately if you are entered in the draw and you return your order for a partial or full refund. That amount refunded will go against your money back if you win. For example. If you bought 2 shirts costing Ghs100 but you returned one for a refund of Ghs40. Now your new order total is Ghs60 and that will the amount your money back winning will be determined on. 

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